viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

HEY! We are participatory journalists!!!!! ;P

Haven't you realized? Now, we all know what participatory journalism is in practise. You post comments in my blog and I will do the same with yours!!! Good proyect to know more deeply this theorical concept... =) This is "awesome as arts". This is the art of communication.
I remember what we have seen in class about it. Such a funny concept, I thought at the first time: people doing journalism without being journalists... Well, we are not journalists still, but here we are, making blogs and correcting ourselves (please, if you have some correction to make me do not have any doubt... I'm still fighting with the blog ;), talking about things we like... and "user-generated content"... And also, people who are following us are participatory journalists without knowing the subject, the proyect and without knowing even the fact...
One more evidence of the impact of websites in our lives and citizenship participation in them. One more evidence of the future journalism. 
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  1. Fighting against new technologies...The battle of the 21th century :P